Group of Companies "Melitopol cherry" sells excellent fruit and berries
(grown in gardens in the territory of Melitopol district of Zaporizhia region).



Variety of medium ripening period.

Fruits are beautiful, very large, roundish, yellow with marmoreal сarmine flesh blush on the biggest part of fruit’s surface.

Medium- velvety pubescence.

Pulp is juicy, yellow.

Taste is sweety-sour, sapid.

Transportability is high.

Red Heaven

Variety of late ripening time.

Fruits are large, each has weight 120-200 g, laterally compressed, covered by velvety skin, which is easy removed from the ripe fruits.

Colour of fruits: rich, bright red, the flesh is very juicy, good orange colour.

Pip is medium-sized, well separated from the pulp.

Red Heaven is a variety, which has taste characteristics of fruits above the ideal among all of peach.

They have mark 4,9 from maximum 5.