18 04 2018

Tom Sawyer Fest 2018

The support of the social activities is being one of the key components of our development strategy. On the Saturday 14th our team took part in the interregional project «Tom Sawyer Fest-2018» and tidied up the central park of our city.

We believe, that only UNITED we can change our world for the better!  🌎🌱🍒

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15 03 2018


We are glad to welcome the chief editor of the “Sadivnytstvo po-ukrainski” (eng. “Ukrainian Horticulture”) magazine today. Thanks for such a warm visit! 😉

On the picture (left to right): the chief editor of magazine “Sadivnytstvo po-ukrainski” Lesya Kadelya, CEO Anton Lukoyanov and Head of Agronomy Horticulture Management, Ivan Hryntsiv.


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15 03 2018

«Sadovodstvo po-ukrainski»

Our comments to the magazine «Sadovodstvo po-ukrainski»: «We came here to present our products – apples, cherries and wild strawberries. We are talking about production of 2018 year. We show our production with the brochures. A lot of traders are interested in our volumes of production and range. The impressions of exhibition are wonderful. Foreign buyers know, Ukraine – is the country of certain risks, but it develops and they understand, that by working with us, they are going to develop as well. We are the member of «Ukrsadprom» association. It is harder for fruit growers to export products by themselves only. We need to unite, in such a way it’s easier to learn technologies and to implement the international standards of production» – Anton Lukoyanov, CEO of «Melitopol Cherry» Group of Companies.


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15 03 2018

Fruit Logistica Berlin 2018

International exhibition Fruit Logistica Berlin 2018 was held from 7 to 9 February in Berlin, Germany. We are proud, that our company «Melitopol Cherry» was one of the Ukrainian representatives. This is one more step in our development and received knowledge will be fundamental in our further work.

Ukraine was represented with such companies, as Nizhyn Agroinvest, Vladam, Kalynivka, Ukrainian fruits&berries, Ukrsadprom Association, AGROSYNDICATE LTD, Ukrainian Fresh & Frozen Products, Enograi Ltd, Agro Patriot, USPA Fruit, LLC Production and Commercial Company «Melitopol Cherry», STARBERRY & WISEBERRY, LLC Ukrainian Berry Guild.

More than 3100 companies from more than 80 countries took part in the exhibition. They represented the full production chain – from harvesting to distributing facilities. More than 75 000 traders from more than 130 countries visited expo.

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15 03 2018

Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to our blog!

In our blog we are going to spotlight the next topics:

– News about the company & products

– Innovations

– Social & charity activities

– Media highlights about Group of Companies «Melitopol Cherry»

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