About us

"Melitopol Cherry" Corporate Group – is a group of dynamically developing agricultural enterprises, which are specialized in the cultivation of fruit, cereals, oilseeds and technical crops.

We are one of the leading companies of fruit production in the south of Ukraine. The mild climate, fertile soil, innovative technologies, which are developed by our own scientific and technical base, and many other factors allow us proud of our high quality products - cherries, apples, raspberries, strawberries and apricots. Our fruits have not only excellent appearance, but also delicious taste characteristics that meet the highest criteria for quality selection.

Separately, we have to speak about our field-activity. The differentiation of acreage, the introduction of new technologies for the soil treatment, environmental protection and high-quality seed make "Melitopol Cherry" CG one of the largest grain producers at the Southern and Eastern Ukraine.

Ground of bank holds more than 13 thousand hectares and is presented in three regions of Ukraine - Zaporizhia, Kherson and Kharkiv. In addition, we aren’t staying at the same place, and constantly increasing our land bank. In its turn, increasing reduces the risks in company’s micro and macro environment and provides it stable future.

Companies in our group owned warehouses that meet Ukrainian standards for the storage of fruit and berries, and grain products, and constantly develop and increase its production capacity.

"Melitopol Cherry" CG actively invests in its own motor transport and agricultural park, which consists of the leading world manufacturers’ models, including MAN, Renault, John Deer, New Holland, Horsch, Claas, Case, Caterpillar and other.

Staff of “Melitopol Cherry”- is upscale professionals with active lifestyle. Direction of "Melitopol Cherry" CG pays special attention to the development of staff qualifications, which increases by using advanced technologies, the studying of innovations in agricultural techniques and technologies. Qualitative organization of the enterprise functioning, innovative approaches in marketing domaine, land and property relations, and constant desire of self-improving of our employees make them experts in their fields.

Other activities

"Melitopol Cherry" Corporate Group pays a lot of time to charity, because improving the world, we improve ourselves. We actively support sport by financing municipal football club "Melitopol’s’ka Chereshnya" (“Melitopol Cherry”), sponsorship in the Ukrainian tournament in freestyle wrestling for the "Cup of Melitopol” and competition “Turnir pokolin’" (Tournament of generations”) in triathlon.

We respect the social aspect of life, because one of "Melitopol cherry”’s missions is to change people's lifes for the better. Thus, we are a sponsor of the rally "Shliahamy peremohy" (“By ways of victory”) in memory of those, who died at the Second World War, organizing image festival "ChereshnEvo", and, finally, by supporting the project "Naykrasyvishi Jinky Ukrainy" «“The most beautiful women of Ukraine”».