Festival “Chereshnevo” 2018
Harvest Day 2018

Garden Day 2018

On 14 June was held the event «Garden Day» 🌳🌳🌳, hosted by the enterprise «Syngenta» - leader of the agribusiness in a global scale in production of high-quality remedies for plant and seeds area represented by Tihonskiy Sergei. Together with Group of Company «Melitopol Cherry» (represented by Grintsiv I.I. (head of agronomic management of gardening), Demenko O.V. (head of department for the production cultivation of gardening), Grintsiv M.I. (agronomist), Mygulia D.S. (agronomist), Mogurenko L.P. (assistant of agronomist) and Gribov A.V. (assistant of agronomist), «Syngenta» company represented their remedies for plant in the cherry and apple garden area. Agronomists of «Melitopol Cherry» have responded to questions about treating fruit gardens, about fight with pests and characteristics application of VPP.

Also, enterprise «LANA» (v. Plodorodnoe, Zaporozhskiy region), «Solnechnue sady» (Akimovka, Zaporozhskiy region), GPOH «Melitopolskoe», representatives of TSATU (Melitopol, Zaporozhskiy region) and other took part in the event.

We thank to company «Syngenta» for their cooperation and all of participants for visit and for interest that you have shown to our enterprise. 🌳🍏🌳🍒🌳🍏🌳

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