All-Ukrainian tournament on freestyle wrestling «Melitopol Cup»
Garden Day 2018

Festival “Chereshnevo” 2018

On Friday (15 June) in the Gorkogo park was held 7th annual festival «Chereshnevo»!

Holiday went spectacular and bright, a lot of residents of Melitopol participated in it, someone like a participant, someone like organizer. Bright costumes, happy people's smiles, thousand balloons 🎈🎈🎈 and distributed portions of ice-cream 🍦🍦🍦 – all of this made playful and happy atmosphere of party.

Delegation visited event, in its membership were Keydi Vord – main adviser in project of  Canadian municipalities «PROLIS» (Canadian expert on branding and marketing, main adviser on management questions) and main expert on developing of business Valeriy Kokot, sworn brothers from Borisovskiy region: chairman of Borisovskiy district council of deputies Republic of Belarus Petr Novitskiy, Anastasia Kopikova and Galina Lukashevich, chief of regional authority Zinaida Boiko, chief of regional departments Sergei Medved, Vladislav Moroko and Tatiana Ozerova and also representatives of Pavlograd and Vinnitsa for which we are thankful.

Group of Companies «Melitopol Cherry» is the general sponsor of event and the most active participant. This year was made photo zone with cherry tree and rocking chair, which was very popular among resident of Melitopol. A huge basket with red and yellow cherry surprised people. Balloons brought a joy to children and for the smallest residents of the city were made small gifts as a decorative pails with sweet cherries. .🍒🍒🍒 Also, anyone wishing could buy production for social price. We thank to all the residents for participating and for wonderful mood.

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