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Festival “Chereshnevo” 2018

All-Ukrainian tournament on freestyle wrestling «Melitopol Cup»

On 6 June in Sports School №3 was held solemn opening XV public All-Ukrainian tournament on freestyle wrestling «Melitopol Cup» 🏆🏆🏆.

Tournament was organized with the support of the Mayor Sergei Minko, the General Sponsor of competition was Group of Companies «Melitopol Cherry» like 8 years consecutive.

In the tournament participated fighters from 18 regions of Ukraine, among which 50 Masters of Sport of Ukraine, 5 Masters of Sport world-class: Giia Chikhladze (representative of Dnipro city, prize-winner of the Europe), Valeriy Vlasov (representative of the Kyiv city, prize-winner of Europe), Netreba Anastasia (representative of the Azerbaijan, prize-winner of the world), Gor Oganesian (representative of Kyiv city) and Kartaviy Daniil (representative of Kharkov city, prize-winner of the Europe), and also honored Master of Sport Andreitsev Valeriy, that is prize-winner of Olympic and European Games, world and European championships.

The only Ukrainian judge that possess highest international Olympic category Pavlov Roman from Kherson, was judging this competition. Refereeing in Las Vegas (USA), in Pekin (China), and also in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) in his account. Also, honored judge of Ukraine Eduard Nasadchiy visited the competition.

Fight for first place was serious and intense because title «Master of Sport of Ukraine» was a prize. We thank to all participants and to guests of tournament and we wish to athletes success in their future advances and further development. 🎖️🏆🎖️🏆🎖️🏆

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