Fruit Logistica Berlin 2018

«Sadovodstvo po-ukrainski»

Our comments to the magazine «Sadovodstvo po-ukrainski»: «We came here to present our products – apples, cherries and wild strawberries. We are talking about production of 2018 year. We show our production with the brochures. A lot of traders are interested in our volumes of production and range. The impressions of exhibition are wonderful. Foreign buyers know, Ukraine – is the country of certain risks, but it develops and they understand, that by working with us, they are going to develop as well. We are the member of «Ukrsadprom» association. It is harder for fruit growers to export products by themselves only. We need to unite, in such a way it’s easier to learn technologies and to implement the international standards of production» – Anton Lukoyanov, CEO of «Melitopol Cherry» Group of Companies.

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